“Building Generations Together” Capital Campaign

Trinity is a place where generations have grown in their faith together, have raised children, experienced many joys and tears together for over 70 years. The last Capital Campaign resulted in the beautiful Welcome Center, where we gather as a FAMILY each Sunday, a place where our children and youth occasionally gather to learn more about God and each other.

A Long-Range Facilities Plan was completed in 2019 – right before COVID turned our world upside down. The building has seen many changes, additions, and repairs over the years, but NOW we are at a PIVITOL POINT in the life of our church family. People continue to slowly return to church – our children and youth programs have more students involved than many of our sister churches around us. We regularly have visitors and new people join our family. We also host a wide-variety of community members throughout each week. Our Preschool continues to thrive.

However, we can do more! Our church building has many inefficient areas and places that desperately need a renovation. For example, there is a room in the Education Wing that is cooled by the same system that cools the sanctuary.

Join us as we commit to making Trinity a better CONNECTING POINT for all of our community!

Our Progress

$2.5MM – Capital Campaign goal/Education Wing
$4.5MM – Exhaust current debt/Sanctuary improvements

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The Goal: $2.5 million

The current heating, cooling, and ventilation systems in the education wing are beyond their useful life, requiring a complete replacement. In doing so, we bring greater efficiency, individual room control, and fresh air capacity into every classroom. Currently, the only way to bring fresh air in is to open a window, and one thermostat may control several rooms, leading to significant temperature variations. Because some construction is needed to make these changes happen, it seemed like a great time to also update windows, lighting, flooring, and add new paint.

Bathrooms will also be renovated to be up to current standards. Our facility does not have a children’s handicapped restroom.

The plans include adding a children’s handicapped restroom on the basement level next to the elevator. Over the years we have had young church members, preschool participants and other visitors that needed a children’s handicapped restroom.

All of these upgrades will cost an estimated $2.5 million to accomplish. We are planning to do this renovation during the summer months of 2024 while the preschool is out on summer break.

Matching Pledge Opportunity!

We encourage you to make part of your overall Capital Campaign pledge as early as practical. To assist with this effort, a Trinity Family has offered to match dollar for dollar, all individual Capital Campaign monetary receipts for the period November 1, 2023 through January 15, 2024, up to an aggregate of $100,000!

This provides each received donation to double its impact and avoid borrowing expenses and reduce our overall burden for the campaign. This is a great opportunity to maximize your giving and we are so very thankful to the Trinity family sponsoring this matching gift effort.

We are almost at this goal already! Let’s continue to build on that momentum. Every early dollar helps reduce the overall cost of the project!

Campaign Promotional Video 

Testimonial Video: Michael McCullough

Testimonial Video: Sarah & Thomas Hall

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this fit into Trinity's long-term vision/strategic plan?

Our long range plan has several key priorities that we have addressed. The education wing is the biggest and oldest part of our facilities after the sanctuary. As we look to control our operational expenses, address some of our biggest operational problems and improve the appearance of our classrooms and buildings this would be the area most in need of attention.

The priorities of the Long Range Plan (completed in 2019) are:

  • Congregation prefers to renovate existing spaces rather than build new. (70% of 170 respondents)
  • Renovate space for youth RESULT – Mastin room renovated. We also renovated the hall and bathrooms in that area which was an identified need.
  • Renovate pre-school. RESULT – This plan will renovate the pre-school and also most of our Sunday School rooms.
  • Create new offices and reception/information desk area – COVID has eliminated this need for the near term.
  • Renovate Eaton Hall – in process.
  • Renovate the chapel, parlor and conference room. Chapel and parlor completed. Conference room is the next priority.
  • Renovating the kitchen and creating a sports area were also identified as needs.
Is this a significant project?

Yes! 29 rooms and 7 bathrooms are being improved along with all the hallways. We will also add an ADA compliant children’s bathroom in the Preschool area.

If pledges can be made over a three-year period where will the funds come from to pay the upfront costs?

The financial leaders of Trinity are making arrangements for financing so we can proceed with this work over this coming summer. We believe we will have several options to pick from including the Virginia Conference Foundation and our banking partner. The short term nature of this loan will minimize our cost as we will borrow less than 100% of our outstanding pledges.

Will this project save on maintenance and operating costs?

Yes much more efficient system with state of the art thermostats allowing individual room control of the temperature. The system includes 10 year warranty on the units. The operating efficiency of the new system is a 12.5 EER. This is a significant improvement over our current system but due to the age of our current system it is tough to know it’s efficiency. (Probably below an 8 EER) EER is a more detail analysis and accurate rating than SEER. We are adding new windows to all the rooms.

What significant new benefits will the project provide?

The HVAC system will provide fresh outside air to all of our education wing rooms and the other rooms served by the new system. Several classrooms on the 2nd floor used by adult Sunday school classes and many outside groups will be improved.

What will we notice when we walk into updated areas?

Brighter rooms, new easy to maintain flooring, new paint, new ceilings, updated restrooms and more.