From Your Pastors

We are thrilled to begin the fall with the theme of Life Together. We will use this theme as we offer monthly opportunities to Learn Together (September), Heal Together (October), Serve Together (November), and Celebrate Together (December). We believe that togetherness in Christ helps us to feel a sense of belonging to the community. Unfortunately, the pandemic has challenged us to experience togetherness in a very different way. Even as Trinity has adapted and explored new and creative ways to bring together the body of the church, we have missed a lot of opportunities to be together in times of joy and sorrow.

As a community of faith, we are called to live out our discipleship by bringing people to Christ, sharing the love of Christ with one another, and building a Christ-centered community. As Christ’s disciples, we are an expression and a reflection of God’s grace. It is God who has made us what we are (Ephesians 2:10). God knows us and promises to be with us no matter what. We are not alone because God is with us. Our hope is not in vain because our Lord is the risen Christ.
With these truths in mind, we will focus on rebuilding togetherness in Christ in the fall.

We invite you to mark your calendars for new opportunities planned for the fall. We hope you will be part of our community conversations, sharing your stories, and hearing others. Let’s begin a year of celebration together! Join us on this journey of faith!

Pastors Larry, Hung Su, and Judy

Worship Schedule

9:00 AM: Modern Worship Service

Our 9:00 AM Modern Service is a fresh expression of worship and song. We sing contemporary songs along with beloved hymns and spirituals. We read scripture and share messages that illuminate the ancient text for our present and future world. A truly intergenerational service—rooted and relevant, timeless and refreshing, inclusive and hospitable, where all can experience the renewing love of God in community. This service will be held outdoors until the indoor mask mandate is lifted.


10:00 AM: Community Hour

At 10:00 AM Trinity hosts a Community Hour for all ages and invites all to be part of discipleship and fellowship. It is designed for all to sense togetherness in Christ in the hope that everyone would feel like they belong here to a community of faith (1 Cor. 12:12). Classes and Small Groups meet during this time.


11:00 AM: Traditional Worship Service

The Traditional Worship Service at 11:00 AM reflects a sense of reverence and awe of the glory of the Lord. Incorporating procession, the great hymns of the church accompanied by choir, organ, and piano music, this service uses the liturgies that are part of our theological heritage. This service is livestreamed each week on our website and on YouTube.

Stay up-to-date with Trinity’s health and safety protocols online at

September: Learn Together

One of the distinctive characteristics of the early Christian community was togetherness as a result of receiving the Holy Spirit (Act. 2:43-47). The early Christians were committed to gather and share all things in common. The pandemic has forced us to adapt ways to gather and celebrate the Christian fellowship.

So, Trinity will focus on building this togetherness in Christ in the fall. We want to celebrate what God has done for us and share our stories and listen to others, asking, “What have we missed during
the pandemic? What do we need to celebrate?”

Pastors Larry and Hung Su will lead a churchwide study with “Life Together” written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and will preach based on the theme of community. All small groups are encouraged to use this book and discuss what it means to live together as Christ-followers in a community so that we may learn together.

Trinity is committed to building togetherness in Christ. We invite you to learn together in the month of September.


  • Tuesday, September 14, 7 PM: Community Conversation #1 with Norm Gold, Developer and
    Operator of the Market@25th. Mr. Gold will talk about his work with grocery stores/food banks, and how that led him to build and open a grocery store in one of Richmond’s food deserts.
  • Sundays, September 19 – October 17: Church-Wide Study, “Life Together”

October: Heal Together

The pandemic can be described as a time of loss, disappointment, sorrow, tiredness, and fatigue. It has challenged us to adjust what we would normally do in life, including celebrating and mourning. We have missed many opportunities to celebrate our life together and mourn our grief and losses. We, as a community of faith, need to hear what has been missed and lost. So that when we remember what God has done for us and recognize what God is doing in our midst, we may holistically be restored and healed through the Holy Spirit who gives us hope.

Trinity will offer ways to experience God’s healing and restoration through worship and prayer. Let’s work on healing together in October.


  • Sundays, September 19 – October 17: Church-Wide Study, “Life Together”
  • Wednesday, October 6, 7 PM: Service of Healing
  • Tuesday, October 12, 7 PM: Community Conversation #2 with Reverend Roscoe Cooper, Henrico County School Board Representative for the Fairfield District and Pastor at Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church.
    Reverend Cooper will discuss his community work on the Henrico County School Board and his church.
  • Sunday, October 24, 4 PM: Halloweenie Roast & Fall Festival
  • October 24 – 25, 7 PM: Dillard Forum

November: Serve Together

“Give Thanks. Give Back.” How easy it is to take our blessings for granted. We tend to be self-centered when we forget to be grateful for how God has blessed us. Worship, prayer, mission, and service remind us of who God is and what God has done for us. God’s blessings for people always involve mission components because God has blessed us to become
a blessing for others. So we together give thanks to God and share a portion of what God has entrusted to us through mission and service.

Trinity invites you to join opportunities to serve others and communities in the Richmond area. Let us serve the Lord by serving our neighbors. We invite you to
serve together in November.


  • November 4, 9 AM -12 PM: A Day of Service
  • November 5, 9 AM -12 PM: A Day of Service
  • November 6, 8 AM -12 PM: A Day of Service
  • November 7: All Saints Sunday
  • November 9, 7 PM: Community Conversation #3 with Dr. Danny Avula, Director of the Richmond City
    and Henrico County Health Departments. This is an opportunity to hear firsthand from Dr. Avula about the challenges local and across the state in responding to COVID-19.
  • November 14, 10-10:50 AM: A gathering in Trinity Hall to honor our veterans.
  • November 24: Thanksgiving Eve

December: Celebrate Together

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord” (Psalm 150:6). Psalm 150 invites animals and us to sing for, praise, and celebrate our Lord!
As we hear from Psalm 150 as an invitation, Trinity intentionally extends the invitation of celebration to other communities. December is an exciting month to celebrate because the love has come down to be
seen through Jesus Christ.

Trinity will offer opportunities to celebrate what love is all about. As a community of faith, we together lift voices of thanksgiving and praise to the Lord. Let’s celebrate together all year long, but especially in


  • December 3, 6-9 PM: Parents Night Out (registration required, details to come)
    December 14, 7 PM: Community Conversation #4 with Nancy Toscano, President and Chief Financial Officer and Jill Gaynor, Annual Giving Officer at UMFS (United Methodist Family Service). Learn about the work UMFS does with children and families in Richmond and across Virginia
  • Sunday, December 19, 4 PM: Lessons and Carols


  • Friday, December 24, 4 PM: Family Worship with Christmas Pageant
  • Friday, December 24: 6 PM: Modern Worship Christmas Eve service
  • Friday, December 24: 8 PM and 11 PM: Traditional Worship Christmas Eve services



  • Sunday, December 26, 10:30 AM: Combined worship

Community Conversations

As part of our Year of Celebration Trinity has invited a guest speaker each month. Learn more about our Community Conversations.