Discussion Questions 

Each week our pastors provide discussion questions to go with their sermon. Small groups and families are encouraged to use these discussion questions to dive deeper.

Looking for the sermon on which these questions are based? Visit our worship service livestream archive.

Sunday, May 10

  1. What does it mean for you to be filled with the Holy Spirit?
  2. How do we offer forgiveness to others? How important it is to offer it in this circumstance?
  3. How can God use you in the ministry of reconciliation?

Sunday, May 3

  1. Do you see your life any differently in the midst to this crisis?

    2.  How do you see the church?
    3.  How can God use you in the church in the future?

Sunday, April 26

  1. Have you invited the Risen Christ into your home?  Into your Life?
  2. Are you taking advantage of the opportunities to let Jesus form and make sense of your life?
  3. What fruit of Christian love is your life bearing?

Sunday, April 19

  1. Like disciples, have you felt that you are locked in or locked out in your life because of fear?
  2. What does it mean to receive the breath of life?
  3. How is God calling us to live as an Easter people in this season of crisis?

Sunday, April 12 (Easter)

  1. What difference does resurrection make in your life?
  2. How will you follow the Risen Lord in 2020?
  3. How should we live as an Easter People together? 

Sunday, April 5 (Palm Sunday)

  1. What does Holy Week mean to you?
  2. Could God be doing something new in your life?  In all our lives?
  3. What is most important to you?

Sunday, March 29

  1. Have you had a “lament” time in your life?
  2. What is your prayer to God in this times?
  3. What would “waiting for the Lord” look like in your life?

Sunday, March 22

  1. How is it with your soul?

  2. How do you think this crisis will change you?

  3. “The Lord is my shepherd” what does that mean for your and your family’s daily life?

Sunday, March 15

  1. What does it mean to worship God in this unknown and unexpected time?
  2. How important is song in your faith journey and our faith community
  3. What it is for you to live a life of worship and follow the Lord?

Sunday, March 8

  1. What journeys have you taken in your life?
  2. When have you had to depend on God?
  3. What are your fears right now?

Sunday, March 1

  1. Are you carrying guilt?
  2. What does it mean to trust God?
  3. What change could this Lent bring for you?

Sunday, February 23

  1. How does God welcome you?
  2. How do we establish a welcoming culture
  3. What has made you feel connected?

Sunday, February 16

  1. What does it mean to give your heart to God?
  2. What difference would that make in your daily life?
  3. What is your “heart condition”?

Sunday, February 9

  1. Have you been aware that you are salt and light?
  2. What will that awareness affect in your life?
  3. What one thing can you do to respond to Jesus’ sermon?

Sunday, February 2

  1. What does it mean to be blessed?
  2. What matters most in your life?
  3. What changes in your life might bring you closer to Christ?

Sunday, January 26

  1. What does “repent” mean to you?
  2. What do you need Jesus to make whole?
  3. In Simon’s place, how will you answer?

Sunday, January 12

  1. What does it mean that God claims us?
  2. What claim does God make on us?
  3. What need to change in my life as a result of God’s claim?