Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas!

Angels announce with shouts of mirth, him who brings new life to earth. People, look east and sing today; Love, – the Lord, is on the way. 

UMH, 202
a sunrise

Sunrise announces every new day:  new beginnings, new hopes, new dreams. I have marveled at the bright red glow of sunrise over the ocean, the misty hazy sunrise in the mountains and, on one special morn, the kaleidoscope of changing colors as the sun rose over the Grand Canyon. People look east and witness the beginning of a new day,

Contemplate the sunrise on the first Christmas morning that signaled not only a new day but a grand new beginning.  God’s Son, the Christ, is now living among us. Eleanor Farjeon in the fifth verse of her mighty poem, “People Look East” tells us to “look East” and witness this exhilarating day with new hope brought by God’s Son on earth.  People look east to experience  Christ bringing new life to earth.

Yes, people of faith should look East every morning to see the glimmering glow of the sunrise and marvel at its beauty.  But in this beauty we should recognize that on such a morning over two thousand years ago, God’s Son came to the world and changed it forever.  People of faith are so blessed, are so strengthened, and are so loved by the presence of God on earth through his Son.  People look east every day and remember that Love the Lord is here!

Merry Christmas!

Sandy Berry