Survey. Following our listening sessions the Healthy Church Team (HCT) published a survey to receive input from the congregation. We thank everyone who participated and turned in a survey. 165 surveys were filled out and submitted.

Of the 165 responses, 113 or 69% supported our current masking requirements until Henrico county reaches the moderate or low infection rate level as identified by the CDC. 50 responses or 30% supported relaxing them now. 2 responses or 1% did not answer that question.

Of the 165 responses submitted, 93 or 56% supported the current food restrictions. 68 or 41% supported relaxing them. 4 respondents or 3% did not answer that question.

The full survey results are available HERE.

Current Measures. The HCT, meeting in December, has maintained our current covid-19 mitigation measures. It is our hope and expectation and when the current threat of winter/holiday surge has passed we will be able to relax these measures. The current mitigation measures are available on the church website HERE.

Healthy Church Team
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