UMCOR Kits for Annual Conference

Pastor Larry Lenow dedicated Trinity’s 2017 UMCOR Kits during worship on Sunday, June 11. Creating UMCOR Kits is one of many hands-on ministries of Trinity’s UMW, but anyone in our congregation with a heart to serve can help make them. This year we sent 223 UMCOR Kits to Annual Conference: 91 School Kits and 132 Health Kits. We also sent $382 to cover toothpaste and postage. UMCOR School Kits contain the required school supplies, without which children in developing countries are barred from attending school. The Trinity Stitchers generously supply beautiful handmade, double-handled fabric bags to hold the school supplies. Health Kits contain basic health supplies and go to disaster areas world-wide. To learn more about the required supplies, google UMCOR Kits. Debbie Schmitt is the contact person for UMCOR Kits.

The total number of Kits collected for UMCOR at Annual Conference was 41,522.

  • Bedding: 330
  • Layette: 940
  • Birthing: 2,327
  • School: 12,035
  • Cleaning: 332
  • Sewing: 539
  • Health: 24,801
  • Misc.: 218