In Luke Chapter 20, Jesus, the teacher is tested. While teaching in the temple, his authority is questioned. He shares a parable about the wicked tenants. Jesus answers a tricky question about paying taxes. He responds to those who question the resurrection.

Jesus fields a question about David’s son.

And just to create more scrutiny to his teaching, Jesus denounces the Scribes.

If you are keeping count that was four questions, one parable, and one opinion.

Leaders like Jesus can expect to be asked multiple, tough questions.

As an exceptional teacher, people expected Jesus to offer strong instructional examples like the parable he shared.

Finally, we should not be surprised that Jesus offered an opinion about the scribes or anything else for that matter. His honesty was indisputable.

In the latter part of my career in education, James Chapter 3, verse 1 had significant meaning for me: “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers and sisters, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.”

In Luke Chapter 20, Jesus is being judged with greater strictness. That’s what the four questions, the parable, and the opinion do in this chapter.

Even in this questioning environment, Jesus like all gifted instructors keeps his composure. He has carefully thought out responses for the questions.

The world is a classroom. And in truth, we are all teachers.

But for me, the real question is this.

In the turmoil of the world’s classroom, do I have the courage to embrace, model, and implement the instructions Jesus has given me?

Bill Pike