Scripture: Luke 21
This passage and the ones preceding it feature Jesus holding court in the temple in Jerusalem. He is teaching on a variety of topics, speaking in parables and confounding the Sadducees at every turn. It is surreal to hear fire and brimstone and Revelation-like proclamations coming from Jesus’ mouth. You and I are like his disciples here, trying to understand and sounding like children on a long car ride. Are we there yet? When will we get there? Jesus tells us life is a journey—and not always peaches and cream either. He mentions the “anxieties of life” and “signs of distress”. The key takeaway I get from this is that we need to enjoy the journey we are all on. Yes, the end goals feel long off—graduation, healthy recovery, retirement—but the kingdom of God is all around us, even now. It’s not something far in the future or in another life. An old friend of mine said, “The days are long, but the months and years are short.” She was speaking about the raising of small children, but it is so true here. The journey of Lent is good news—God loves us and carries us through difficult times.

Brian Ford