We continue to hear from our partners at Sherbourne and Welborne and Belmont that MANY people in Richmond are hungry. As the pandemic rages on we at Trinity want to do something about that. Enter the Samson Project.

We want to have a little fun and raise a lot of money this winter.

Pastor Larry, who hasn’t had a haircut since March 2020, has challenged the congregation to raise money to support our food pantry partners. And, to make things fun and give us something ridiculous to work with, he’s declared he will not get a haircut until this money is raised. He’s even agreed to do the whole thing with electric clippers if we reach the awesomely audacious goal of $20,000.

Will you help us help our neighbors this winter by giving to the Samson Project?

a screenshot of our giving portal

To give to the Samson Project, please visit our Give page. Using the “Give Online” or “Give As A Guest “buttons, please make your donation using the Food Pantry line item and noting The Samson Project in the memo line. You can also mail in a donation to the church.

We hope that you will have some fun with this–challenge your Sunday School class, check in with a Trinity friend and offer to match his or her gift. Let’s work together to help our neighbors. And maybe get Pastor Larry a haircut in the process!

How Much Have We Raised?

Here’s a running total for the Samson Project. We will update it weekly!

Learn More

Listen in on a Zoom call where the Samson Project is born!