Would you like to share your passion for gardening? Please come and share your passion with the youth in the Bellemeade Outdoor Club. We are creating a youth vegetable garden with berry bushes; fruit trees and we also have a bee hive. We are building 30 raised beds, planting berry and fruit trees and enclosing the area in split rail fencing. Our children will hold a farmer’s market once a week. If you want to utilize your passion to change the lives of our children, we welcome you. However, you will discover your life has changed as well. Come visit our rain and pollination garden, nature play area, geology display and Bike Repair shop. We would appreciate any surplus tools that you might donate. We will meet each Saturday beginning March 6 from 1:00-4:00 PM. We welcome volunteers to share your passion for outdoor learning and reading.

Our children have not been in school since March 2020 and their only outlet is with our program.

The address of the park is 1800 Krouse Street. If you are interested email Bob Argabright at rargabright@me.com or call at 310-1080.

For the past seven years I have organized a Saturday Literacy Academy at the Oak Grove-Bellemeade Elementary School with approximately 50 primarily Hispanic children. This year because of the pandemic we have conducted our literacy program outside in the Bellemeade Park. Each Saturday weather permitting we hold our Outdoor Learning program in Bellemeade Park located at 1800 Krouse Street from 1:00-4:00 PM. I have high school volunteers that participate in various outdoor activities with our students. The pandemic has greatly impacted our children’s exposure to reading and the discussing that follow the reading activity. We will begin meeting with our children on March 6 and I want to be more intentional with their reading block. I have many elementary school level books that lend themselves to great discussions based on life skills, how we treat each other, how special we are as individuals, goal setting and dreaming and other themes.

I’m looking for book readers and discussion leaders that will come to the park from 12:30-2:00 any Saturday that would fit your schedule. You can come one time or if you enjoy the ministry you would be welcome to return. You will be given the book ahead of time and suggested discussion questions. Feel free to develop your own questions or to bring and read your favorite book. You may want our students to read the book and you lead the discussion. That would depend on the ages of the children in your group. At the end of the discussion the students will have a journal to record their thoughts. They may journal about their goals, dreams and career aspirations. What stood out from last week?

An important goal that you have each week is to teach our children to dream and to help them understand a dimension of our world that is new to them.

All of us have people in their lives that made us who we are. You can be that person for our beautiful children. If you are interested in making a difference in our children’s lives contact Bob Argabright at 310-1080 or rargabright@me.com