On August 31, we delivered 117 bags/boxes of donated school supplies to Oak Grove Elementary School. As the virtual school year came to an end last spring, the teachers gave us a list of items they knew they would need for their classrooms this fall. Through your incredible generosity, we were able to provide all the requested items! 

This year we had both our traditional red apples at the church and digital apples available for “picking”. There were more than 90 individuals and families, including members of the Swahili French congregation, who selected apples and donated supplies. 

Teachers have been working in the building this week organizing their classrooms and working on plans to welcome 600+ students back into the building next week. Last year was a totally virtual year for Oak Grove and next week will be the first time since the early spring of 2020 that students will be in the building. 

The staff and teachers know that this will be a challenging year. The pandemic continues to ravage the community, Oak Grove students are not old enough to receive the vaccine, and students are well below grade level academically. 

While we have traditionally volunteered in the building, providing weekly tutors, classroom aides, and reading buddies, we will not be able to volunteer inside the building during the academic day at least as the school year begins. We will let you know when this changes and of the opportunities available. 

Bob Argabright, however, will continue his fantastic work in Bellemeade Park and with his Saturday Academy. Bob welcomes volunteers and can be reached at 804-310-1080 or at rargabright@me.com if you are interested in finding ways to help in his programs.

John Wesley’s belief that education is an essential aspect of salvation inspired early Methodists and continues to inspire us today as we strive to make a difference in the lives of our students. The window of time to help elementary students succeed is narrow and success in achieving academic goals during elementary school years can help change the compass of a child’s life. Trinity has partnered with Oak Grove Elementary since 2004 and we have been able to follow the success of our students through high school, college, and beyond!

Thank you for your overwhelming generosity and for being a part of such a wonderfully caring faith community. 

                                                      Written by: Karen Adams for the Oak Grove Team