Mother Son Dance, April 29, 2016 – What an Amazing Night at Trinity
If you were one of the mothers or sons that attended, I do not need to tell you what a fantastic time everyone had at the Mother Son Dance. But for those that missed it, the music and DJ were the best, the decorations were creative and colorful, the games kept the boys busy at the beginning, the photo booth was festive and fun (the photographer took several hundred pictures), there were prizes, pizza, and ice cream for everyone, and dancing; lots of dancing. Everyone was on their feet rocking to the beat as the DJ led a line which snaked throughout the hall. The lights were dim and there was a light ball splashing beams of colored light around as dance moves were displayed. To top it off, guitars, hats and sunglasses were provided; the boys ended the night dancing and looking totally cool! More than 70 people attended this special event! Lots of thanks to the Children’s Ministry Team who made this event happen!!


Special thanks to Dianne Moore for her photography.