Trinity’s Stitchers are offering a bit of hope to the nurses at Henrico Doctor’s and St. Mary’s hospitals. They have delivered 39 prayer squares to St. Mary’s and 46 for Henrico Doctors. Some have gone to front-line ICU nurses and patients in burn units.

We place in your hand this symbol of comforting hope: A pocket prayer shawl–a little hug from God to carry you through your day. May the presence of someone praying for you bring comforting hope, peace, and safe harbor found in each prayerful stitch created especially for you.

(The message attached to the prayer squares)

Keeping the patients, nurses, respiratory, physical and occupational therapists, and all those who are working to help these patients in great need during this time of the coronavirus pandemic.

Thanks to all who have knitted, crocheted and labeled the lovely prayer shawl squares to help provide special tokens of comfort to so many at this time.


From a physical therapist at VCU/MCV:  Thank all of you for the beautiful prayer shawl squares for nurses and patients at the hospital. 

5 prayer squares were given to patients at the burn unit yesterday. 

“It made their day.”  

10 of the squares were given to nurses on the ICU unit caring for COVID patients.  Some were given to the Chaplain who is covering the floors with COVID patients to give to patients as the chaplain sees fit. 

The prayer squares brightened everyone’s day, and they appreciate this outreach from our church very much.

I gave Melinda 36 prayer shawl squares for MCV/VCU.  I told her that we have extra pray shawl squares at church if she would like us to get more for her to give to others at the hospital.