Rise Up

Sermon Series

“New Resolutions” RISE up! January 7 – February 4 Christ calls us to follow and be disciples. Let’s look at what this means in 2018, for our church but most importantly for you and me.

Study Component

 We have developed a Sunday School study to accompany this series. Will your class be studying with us?


If you are not part of a class following along with the sermons, we will be offering a midweek component. I and several of our Kansas City team members will make ourselves available to lead a Wednesday evening small group meeting at 6:00 PM in the Mastin Room. Child care is available.

Rise Up Videos

Each week in Sunday School a new Rise Up video will be shown and discussed. Those videos will be posted here weekly. 

January 7 Sunday Sermon: Three Questions, Pastor Larry Lenow

January 7 Sunday School Lesson and Reflection: Matthew 28:16-20

Jan7 from Trinity UMC Richmond on Vimeo.

Reflection Questions

  1.  When was a time or event for which you can say, “I was a disciple. This was a time when God used me?”
  2. What changes do you need to make in order to live intentionally as a disciple of Jesus Christ?
  3. Do you think Trinity is intentional about making disciples for Jesus Christ? Would you say that it is our highest priority?
  4. Can you sense a movement of God’s Spirit in your life? In your church? Are you willing to pray for that?

January 14 Sunday Sermon: Witnesses, Pastor Larry Lenow

January 14 Sunday School Lesson and Reflection: Acts 1:6-11

RISE Up: Reach Others for Jesus Christ from Trinity UMC Richmond on Vimeo.

Reflection Questions

  1. Through whom did you come to know the Good news of Jesus Christ?
  2. For whom have you been that critical “communicator”? Can you name another person in whose life God used (is using) you to
    share the Good News?
  3. Would you say Trinity is more “outward focused” (on those outside our church walls) or more “inward focused” (on those in our church family)?
  4. How do you think God wants to use this church?

January 21 Sunday Sermon: Teaching and Learning, Pastor Larry Lenow

January 21 Sunday School Lesson and Reflection: Acts 8:26-39

RISE UP: Instruct Them in the Faith from Trinity UMC Richmond on Vimeo.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Who was (is) an important faith teacher or mentor in your life?
  2. Has God given you talents or abilities that could be used to teach or lead a faith group? Where would you be best used: children, youth, adults, peer learning?
  3. Ponder for a moment…what are the top four priorities of your life? Is there an intersection with faith development?
  4. What is Trinity’s process for making disciples?

RISE UP: Surrender to God in worship from Trinity UMC Richmond on Vimeo.

January 28 Sunday Sermon: Living Water, Pastor Larry Lenow
January 28 Sunday School Lesson and Reflection: John 4:1-26

Reflection Questions:

  1. Be honest…what is your “pattern” of worship? (How do you worship, how regular are you, etc.)
  2. Is “surrendering” to God in worship a new concept for you? Do you surrender to God in worship?
  3. Do you believe worship is important? Why?
  4. What might help to enhance your worship?

RISE Up: Embrace the World from Trinity UMC Richmond on Vimeo.

February 4 Sunday Sermon: God’s World, Pastor Larry Lenow

February 4  Sunday School Lesson and Reflection: Matthew 25: 31-46

Reflection Questions:

  1. How are you doing in the Life of Discipleship model? Where are your strengths? Where do you need to focus and grow?
  2. In which Trinity mission projects do you participate in a hand’s on way? Other mission endeavors?
  3. Where do you see Trinity making a difference in our community and world?
  4. Where (into what place or ministry) do you sense God may be leading us?

RISE Up Survey

Did you participate in RISE Up via Sunday School, Wednesday Night Study or other means? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Please take a few moments to complete this brief feedback survey to help us understand how you experienced this series.