The school year is well underway and the Trinity Foundation mailbox is full of thank you notes from students who received scholarships. On June 2, the Scholarship Committee awarded 11 scholarships totaling $16,000 this academic year. Here are just a few excerpts from the notes: “I have grown up at Trinity and it is a home to me. Trinity allowed me to participate in Youth Group, Boy Scouts and playing music in services” (Nicholas Sofinksi); “It is an honor to be chosen for one of these scholarships. I promise the money will go to a good use!” (Zach Smith); “It is most appreciated as I continue my studies at the University of Lynchburg this fall” (Abby Oguich); “The money has helped me so much paying for school” (Noah Smith). Many thanks to those who donate to the Trinity Foundation in order to make these scholarships possible.