Lent is a season of 40 days (not counting Sundays) leading up to Easter. It’s a time when Christians take time to grow in faith, pay more attention to God, and get ourselves ready to tell the sacred story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. In order to help us reflect on the story of Jesus in a new way this Lent, we are offering a different kind of Lenten devotional. 

stained glass, palm fronds, ashes, basket, palm cross

Throughout the season of Lent (beginning on February 17 and going through April 4), we will send you reflections written by a pastor or Christian scholar including Trinity’s own Pastor Hung Su as well as Rev. Dr. Joe Lenow (Pastor Larry’s son). It is being edited by Rev. Brian Johnson, husband of our own Kim Johnson, Trinity”s Communications Consultant.

Our theme this year is “Images of Jesus in the Old Testament.” Each devotional will highlight a place in the Old Testament that serve as “teasers” for Jesus.

Each entry will focus on a story or image from the Old Testament. Stories like God protecting his faithful servants in the fiery furnace or providing manna in the desert; images like the suffering servant from Isaiah or the Paschal Lamb from the Exodus. These devotionals are being shared at churches across Virginia and beyond.