On May 25, Trinity kicked off the ‘Summer Nights at Trinity’ program with our family cook-out. More than 200 people from Trinity and the surrounding community came together for a time of food, music, and fellowship. The weather was beautiful and the volunteers did a great job preparing excellent food for all.

One participant noted that she “loved how generations within families attended – parents with their adult children and their grandchildren, loved how grandparents brought their grandchildren, LOVED how people just showed up – confessed they didn’t make a reservation – but we were able to welcome them anyway.” She continued, “I also loved the conversations around my table and didn’t want to get up and leave when it was over!”

As part of the cookout, a love offering was taken to help raise money for UNVIM Virginia tornado relief efforts in Virginia. Through your generosity $657.00 was collected in this offering.

Here are a few photos from the event.