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Study The Walk this Lent!

book cover, the walk, by adam hamilton, picture of a pathOver the last year our lives and our world have been turned upside down. So many things have changed. So many things will continue to change. Have we learned anything? Do we know what is truly important? Have we grown in our faith? Can you think of a better time to ask yourself such questions?

Our pastors have announced a church-wide Lenten Study. This will involve a sermon series, group study, and/or individual study. The resource we are using is Adam Hamilton’s book, The Walk, Five Essential Practices of the Christian Life. You are encouraged to purchase a copy now so that you are ready. The sermons will use this book as a resource. That is to say, the sermons will not be about the book, but will reference it and will assume most of the congregation is reading it.

Please read the Introduction and Chapter 1 by the first sermon, February 21, and one chapter per week thereafter. We encourage you to join a group studying this book or to purchase the book and read/study it on your own.

The Walk: Suggested Reading Guide


  • By February 21: Introduction & Chapter 1
  • By February 28: Chapter 2
  • By March 7: Chapter 3
  • By March 14: Chapter 4
  • By March 21: Chapter 5
  • By March 28: Chapter 6 & Postscript

Groups Studying The Walk

  • The McClure Bible Study Class (Sunday morning)
  • The Seekers Class (Sunday morning)
  • The Outreach Class (Sunday morning)
  • Pastor Hung Su’s Study (Sunday evenings) details 
  • The Dillard Forum Study Group (Monday evenings)
  • The 3M Study Group (Wednesday evenings)
  •  Pastor Hung Su’s Study (Friday mornings) details 

If your group or class would like to study The Walk, OR if you would like to get connected to a group studying The Walk, please contact Judy Oguich.

2021 Lenten Devotional

stained glass, palm fronds, ashes, basket, palm crossLent is a season of 40 days (not counting Sundays) leading up to Easter. It’s a time when Christians take time to grow in faith, pay more attention to God, and get ourselves ready to tell the sacred story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. In order to help us reflect on the story of Jesus in a new way this Lent, we are offering a different kind of Lenten devotional. 

Throughout the season of Lent (beginning on February 17 and going through April 4), we will send you reflections written by a pastor or Christian scholar including Trinity’s  own Pastor Hung Su as well as Rev. Dr. Joe Lenow (Pastor Larry’s son). It is being edited by Rev. Brian Johnson, husband of our own Kim Johnson, Trinity”s Communications Consultant.

The theme this year is “Images of Jesus in the Old Testament.” Each devotional will highlight a place in the Old Testament that serves as a “teaser” for Jesus.

Each entry will focus on a story or image from the Old Testament. Stories like God protecting his faithful servants in the fiery furnace or providing manna in the desert; images like the suffering servant from Isaiah or the Paschal Lamb from the Exodus. These devotionals are being shared at churches across Virginia and beyond. 

If you’re interested in receiving these devotionals you can sign up to receive them by TEXT or by EMAIL using the information below. 

The Devotional will begin on Ash Wednesday (Feb. 17) and then will be sent on Mondays and Fridays during Lent. There will be a post each day of Holy Week as well.


Sign up for the Lent Devotional via text message:

To sign up for the daily Lent Devotional via text message, either click here or text @trinlent to the number 81010.


Sign up for the Lent Devotional via email:

To sign up for the daily Lent Devotional via email, please fill out the form below.  Be sure to check the Lent Devotional box!
Also- if you are already on our Weekly Connection, Kids, or Students lists be sure those boxes are checked– this form will update all your settings in our system–so, whatever you WANT to get, needs to be checked when you hit submit!

Ash Wednesday Service

Cross made out of ashes, Ash Wednesday worship informationAsh Wednesday is the day when we gather to begin our 40-day journey called Lent. Every year we gather to remind ourselves that we are not eternal. We confront our own mortality and confess our sin before God within the community of faith. The use of ashes is a sign of mortality and repentance.  You’re invited to join the Ash Wednesday worship service online, February 17, 12 PM. The worship video will be available to watch later that day.  For safety, we will not gather in-person this year.
Given the continuing pandemic restrictions, we have explored a different method for observing Ash Wednesday this beginning of Lent.

We’ve sent ashes in a little pouch with the liturgy to you for Ash Wednesday Service. They should come in the mail this week. Pastor Larry takes a few minutes to explain what you will need for the Ash Wednesday service and how to prepare the ashes in this video.

Caution: DO NOT MIX ASHES WITH WATER: this makes a caustic form of lye. Use olive oil instead.


Ash Wednesday Worship Service

Ash Wednesday 2021 Worship Service

How to Prepare the Ashes

a cartoon with circle characters talking about Ash Wednesday

Lenten Easter Mission Offering

 Our Lenten Easter Mission Offering (LEMO) offers many opportunities to all kinds of people in need of help.  In recent years, your generosity has raised over $170,000 for community outreach at the local, state, national, and international levels. During that time, nearly 60 organizations have benefitted from your kind hearts with children, youth, and adults experiencing the impact of your financial gifts. Learn More